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New Technology and a Devlish Book

I thought I’d pop in with a post while I’m between reviews.  Two things of mild importance have transpired recently that I think would be appealing to anyone who reads Sitting in the Stacks.  First, I have a new piece of technology that I think might just blow your mind, but I’m going to have to learn how to use it.  This new tech is the echo smartpen, produced by livescribe.  It has the catchy slogan, “Never miss a word.” 

Now, if you haven’t guessed what this fancy schmancy pen is supposed to do, I’ll tell you.  The pen records what you write and hear!  This is great for me, the college student, who’s notes probably only capture a quarter of what my professors say.  It will also be great for lecture series, when it’s far more interesting to actually listen to the speaker than sit there and scribble notes.  Of course I know that the purposes I’m touting can be done with a tape recorder, but can a tape recorder save my notes via USB to a computer?  Can it share “pencasts” and pdfs?  Can that same tape recorder let me download apps, such as a translator?  My only problem is – this pen may be too smart for me.  I’m not used to have to read directions to understand new technology (yep, I’m a tech gen kid), but this pen perplexes me.  Also, I think I have to use special paper for the pen to work its magic, which may not be in the college student budget.  I’ll keep you all posted, because I’m sure you’re intrigued about my new note taking technology!

Second, and what I think all of you will enjoy more, a NEW BOOK!  For many, many years I’ve been intrigued by this book titled I, Lucifer.  It’s title, cover, and description all had me craving to read it.  Alas, no one gave it to me as a present from my amazon wish list, so this tempting book and I remained apart.  Last week I finally went out and purchased the it and I haven’t looked back.  I won’t say too much about the book, because I want you all to come back next week when I post a review.  Believe me when I say this book should come with a warning: DO NOT PICK UP ‘CUZ YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PUT IT DOWN.  Between the plot, sardonic language, its over all devilish charm (pun intended), this book is alluring, sexy, and very captivating.  This book is so fantastic that it has its own soundtrack!  I may have to just go out and buy the soundtrack and re-read the book.  Go forth fellow bookworms and enjoy the forbidden seduction of I, Lucifer.

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