Bogged Down by Real Life

As the summer comes to an end I’m getting bogged down by papers, books, and unending To Do lists.  Due to these mounting responsibilities I am going to take a short sabbatical.  I would rather keep reading for fun and share books with all of you, but my statistics class, research assistant position, and other course readings are pulling me away for the next 3 weeks.  Then, for 2 weeks after that I’ll be distracted by moving to my new apartment (yea!) and welcoming lovely first years to my wonderful college.  Hopefully I will post at least once between now and the next 5 weeks, but I do promise to return one classes start.

When I come back you can expect reviews on What is the What, an autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr., and an autobiography of Nelson Mandela (yes, school books).  During the next 5 weeks I don’t want you to go without something to read, so below you will find a link of blogs I enjoy checking from time-to-time.

MamaPop – the only way I have any idea what’s going on in pop culture, because I’m a college student with my nose in books.

CNN Belief Blog – I can’t help myself as a religious studies major.  There are some very insightful posts on this site about current relations between society and religion.

The Good Greatsby – Of course I was attracted by the play on The Great Gastby title and was very happy to find this blog is where hilarity ensues.  If you’re in need of a good laugh – go here!

Girl on the Contrary – I sometimes feel this odd relation to Girl on the Contrary, as if we live similar lives, but she’s funnier than I am.

Please check out these blogs and I’ll be back soon!

*I was going to take a picture of me buried in books, but I packed all my books into boxes the other day.  My shelves are naked and it’s sad.

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