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The Sinfully Good End of Summer Read (brought to you by the Devil himself)

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I, Lucifer
by Glen Duncan


Does anyone else remember the song “One of Us” by Joan Osborne? Well, what if Satan was one of us?  In Glen Duncan’s book I, Lucifer humanity is graced by a mortal, fleshly Lucifer.  I, Lucifer is the tell all, or as Lucifer corrects “tell some,” about the famous story of the fallen angel.  Yet, there’s a twist.  God has offered to let Lucifer return to heaven if he can live out a mortal life without being too sinful.  Lucifer, taking the offer as a joke, accepts a one-month trial in the body of Declan Gunn, but he discovers human life isn’t as much of a joy ride as he expected.

I, Lucifer kept me turning the page and making embarrassing sounds of laughter in public places.  It is very rare that I enjoy every page of a book, but the religious history references, sardonic language, and the devilish charm of Lucifer (pun intended) made me wish the pages lasted an eternity.  This book is alluring, sexy, and may seem sinful to read at times, but you’ll feel so good you read it.  You may even discover you feel enlightened as to the cosmic nature of the universe!

I cannot go into too much detail about the plot and events of I, Lucifer or I will spoil the suspense of reading it first hand.  If my enthusiasm hasn’t been enough to convince you to read all about the hellish lord, how many books do you know have a soundtrack?  Well, this book is so fantastic that The Real Tuesday Weld made a musical accompaniment to the text.  I’ve even contemplated re-reading the book just to get the effect of the soundtrack.  So, if you’re still looking for one last summer read before delving back into non-fiction and biographies go out and pick-up a copy of I, Lucifer.  It’s a seductive book that will make you feel sinfully good.

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  • Ashley

    I’m glad you’re going to read this! I’ve already gotten 3 people interested in this book and I’m happy to claim you as the 4th.

    I knew it was on kindle! My father claimed he couldn’t find it and, thus, couldn’t read it. Little bugger.


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