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The Visceral Reaction to a New Book

This evening while I was “studying” (I really did study for hours, but a girl needs a break), I found a new blog.  Everyone should check out Writer’s Block.  One of the recent posts had a definition for “New Book High” that I thought many of you could understand.  I cracked up when I read the definition and I definitely could relate.  Below is a snippet of the definition, but you should go to the entry and read it in its entirety.  Thank you Writer’s Block for capturing this feeling so well!

“New book high: (n) 1. The feeling one gets when one purchases/acquires a new book. Often, the person feeling “new book high” will squeal uncontrollably (thereby causing passersby to stare uncomfortably)…”

How do you react when discovering a new book?


  • Ashley

    That is why I do not enjoy reading on an ereader. Where’s the smell? Where’s the texture? Also, “discovering” a book online is not as much fun as perusing shelves in a store.

    But I agree, give me a book store full of old books any day and I’ll enjoy the aroma!

  • KT

    I have the same issue. I love the smell of books. Even Anna, who thinks the kindle is cool, prefers the smell and feel of a book and a bookstore. There’s nothing like wandering aimlessly around a bookstore.

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