After a semester long sabbatical….

Hi all!  Sorry I just disappeared for a few months. Tomorrow I have my last two finals and then I can resume posting. It’s been a few crazy months for reading.  Sadly, all the reading I did was academic (except for the occasional Sedaris to get me through the stress). I’m thinking the first post back may be about awesome bookstores around the world, Sedaris, or interesting books I read for classes. I can tell you that I started a book last night!  WOW! It’s titled God Is Not One by Stephen Prothero. I highly suggest you check it out.  The introduction itself is riveting for me, but that could be my nerdiness showing through. Anywho…here’s some food for thought until I can post. What book(s) are you reading this holiday season? Best beach book(s)? What book(s) are you hoping to receive in gift form this holiday season?

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