Common Good Books: Bookstores of the World

This may be a record for school time – two posts in one week! It may even end up being three in one week, because I finished Are You There Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea last night.


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In Saint Paul, Minnesota there is a small bookstore on Cathedral Hill called Common Good Books. My first encounter with this hidden gem was during a study break. Two years ago I was studiously working away on some assignment in Nina’s Coffee Cafe when I decided procrastination would be more rewarding. Off to the side of Nina’s there is a small staircase that leads to Wonderland, with a giant arrow that reads “Common Good Books” providing the White Hare’s guidance downward. Read more

Coffee, Class, and Capstoning

Life at college is, well, it’s busy. In the past two weeks I have read about magic, interfaith marriage, Judaism(s), and embodied religion. A lot of these readings have been journal articles, but the few that weren’t are not worth reviewing for the general public.  I could be wrong. Are you interested in Intermarriage and Conflict Resolution: Cross-cultural perspectives? Read more