Coffee, Class, and Capstoning

Life at college is, well, it’s busy. In the past two weeks I have read about magic, interfaith marriage, Judaism(s), and embodied religion. A lot of these readings have been journal articles, but the few that weren’t are not worth reviewing for the general public.  I could be wrong. Are you interested in Intermarriage and Conflict Resolution: Cross-cultural perspectives?

The majority of my reading has revolved around my capstone, or senior project, which examines Jewish-Christian interfaith marriages. It is a project that changes every day and makes me fall more in love with religious studies.The two books I am about to start (hopefully in the next hour) for class are Fighting to Become Americans by Riv-Ellen Prell, who is actually coming to speak at Macalester later this month, and Choosing My Religion by Stephen J. Dubner. They both appear to be interesting reads, but that’s just judging from the cover and subject matter.

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In my spare time (a.k.a before I fall asleep), I have been reading The Enemy at Home by Dinesh D’Souza and Are You There Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea by Chelsea Handler. You can expect an interesting review of D’Souza’s book (if I make it past the first chapter), because the introduction has sparked some very interesting thoughts about U.S politics and 9/11. As for my other not so intellectual choice….hey, every girl needs an easy read from time-to-time. Actually, I downloaded Are You There Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea to my Kindle after watching an episode of “Are you there Chelsea” with Laura Prepon from “That 70s Show.” I’m enjoying Handler’s humor and writing. It is a refreshing change from analytical and theoretical reading. I will probably be reviewing Handler’s book in the next week or so.

One book that everyone should check out is The Soul of Hip Hop by Daniel White Hodge. Last semester Hodge spoke on campus and I was blown away by his research. Religion and hip hop, now that is a combo. I haven’t read Hodge’s book yet, but it just arrived in the mail the other day and has the privileged position at the top of the “to read” pile.

My apologies for being absent the last two weeks. Hopefully at the end of the week I’ll have a review of a local bookstore. OH! If you’re a reader in the Twin Cities, I suggest checking out this bike-coffee shop – The Angry Catfish. I went there the other day with a friend and, while I don’t know the first thing about bikes, I can say they make a decent cappuccino.

That’s all folks!  Goodnight and Good luck!

*Also, for those of you who noticed that I said I was reading on my Kindle…I swear I haven’t joined the e-reader movement. I just didn’t want to wait the couple of days it would have taken amazon to ship me the book.

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