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and have not abandoned this project.  I realize it has been far too long since I posted and I apologize to all of you who started following Sitting in the Stacks only to be left without anything new to read. Where have I been? Well – it’s all coming to an end, college that is. I’ve been frantically rushing to get a draft of my senior project done and been trying to decide what to do next year. Now, that is my “I have too much to do” excuse.

My literary excuse is that since February I’ve been tackling The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. It’s 502 pages and I’m at 270 (I should’ve made you guess like I did my Father as a kid). Eco is taking me awhile to read for many reasons. 1) It’s a friend’s favorite book, so I’m trying to do it the honor it deserves and really get into it. When someone hands you a book with a note that says “This is precious to me, enjoy!” you have to take it seriously. 2) There’s a TON of Latin! Holy ba-jeezes, it’s making me wish Latin was still mandatory in school. 3) The only time I get to read is in bed, late at night, once my brain is fried from doing school work. What usually happens is I read a page or two and I wake up 5 minutes later cuddling the book.  Yes – imagine that, I know you all are. Just like I know you’ve all been there.

For those of you interested in what’s happened so far in The Name of the Rose – 3 monks have died, Adso and William have explored the library, I’ve learned a lot about heretics in the pre-Reformation years, and have come across too many beautifully written phrases to count. Eco is an exquisite writer who has a talent for weaving creativity, artistry, and historical fact into a phrase so as to captivate, educate, and illuminate the story he is telling. I look forward to finishing Eco’s book and finding more to read by him.

In the mean time I would like to share with you a non-book related post from a blog Eat It Detroit. Originating from metro-Detroit I have a love for anything dealing with Motor City. The most recent post on Bell’s Oberon beer, however, evoked a lot of emotional memories for me. Today marks the release of Oberon for the season and while I may not have come across this delicious wheat beer in the way described in the post, I still associate a fondness with the brew. Coming back from study abroad in Belgium I dreaded dealing with beer that wasn’t up to par with Delirium, Tripel Karmaliet, etc. Then I found Oberon. It was my alternative to breaking the bank by buying Belgian beer and, in my opinion, the superior to Blue Moon. Oberon satisfied my taste for a refreshing brew on a hot summer day and reminds me of lakes, boats, and sun (all the makings of a metro-Detroit summer in my area). Lastly, Bell’s, as a Michigan brewery that distributes out of state, is my small connection home. No matter where I am, if there is a Bell’s brew on the menu (or any other MI brew for that matter) I will order that above anything else. On that note, I charge you all to go out order an Oberon, celebrate that spring has arrived (except it decided to be 48 again in MN), and think about the Michigan economy you’re supporting in drinking that delicious beer.

Oh – and come back near the end of April. I’ll have some more Eco updates for you.

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