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If you hadn’t guessed, I’m back in school. This time it is the big bad world of graduate school. Between reading 500+ pages a week, research, trying to figure out what I want to do, and generally attempting to remain sane — Sitting in the Stacks has taken a back seat. Though, I am in the process of finishing Moby Dick. Whether I will have anything constructive to say, because it has been about 2 months since I’ve really read it. Fingers crossed, I will have something by the end of December (maybe earlier if we’re lucky).

The title of this post is “Brussels,” which is a reference to my study abroad experience two years ago. My six months in Brussels were fantastic! If you are interested in how much I fell in love with the city, visit my study abroad blog — Apocrypha of Brussels. It is no surprise, then, that when I found a book all about Brussels my hear flipped. The blog Best of Brussels has a post about the book The Meantime. It is a collection of short stories set in Brussels about nine characters. The characters range from ex-pats to locals and are the production of nine authors from a writing group. Not that I need another book to read for the next few months, but I would digest this in a second!

Please check this book out! It is available on Kindle. The writing group the authors met in sounds like a great project and the public creative writing workshop they lead is a fantastic idea!

Is there a city you wish there was a book about?

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