And We’re Back! The Grand Opening of Sitting in the Stacks 2.0!

For years, Sitting in the Stacks has been a site for book lovers and my place to practice non-academic writing. However, I have wanted to expand my public writing presence for a while and am taking the first steps here. Sitting in the Stacks 2.0 is the product of my evolving career goals, which involve the addition of my childhood dream to be a writer & journalist. This site is now a location for me to self-publish my writings on religion, politics, and life, and to share the written creations of my imagination, all in an attempt to achieve my writing goals.

Never fear my dedicated readers, Sitting in the Stacks continues to host book reviews and posts of the literary variety; there will just be extra material to peruse. In an effort to ease the transition from book reviews to opinion and creative writing, I have divided Sitting in the Stacks into five sections. These sections are entitled, “News,” “Musings,” “Books, Books, & Movies,” “Creativity,” and “Academic. Each of the sections include the following:

“News” offers updates on temporary absences (I am a graduate student), changes to Sitting in the Stacks, and other newsworthy items.

“Musings” contains opinion pieces on religion, current events, reflections on life, and the occasional daydream. Each of these categories can be found in a drop-down menu. The majority of the material in this section incorporates responses to articles I’ve read, with the hope of starting a discussion in the comments.

“Books, Books, & Movies” contains all the book reviews from the old Sitting in the Stacks. This section should be the go-to area for past readers who are only interested in all things books. The categories of this section include fiction, non-fiction, bookstores of the world, and discoveries.

“Creativity” includes my experimentations with creative writing. These writings fall into two categories, poetry and stories (unfinished novels and short stories).

“Academic” provides a list of scholarly papers I have written and topics I have researched. I would potentially be willing to share a copy of these papers with others to read. If you are interested in a copy of a paper, please contact shley.mich (at) gmail (dot) com.

It is my hope that Sitting in the Stacks offers something for everyone to read and provides material to stimulate conversations. I expect all comments to be respectful. It is not my wish to censor anyone, especially opposing opinions, but any comments that are hateful or rude may be deleted at my discretion (this is mainly directed at Internet trolls).


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