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Last weekend I visited a close friend in Denver, Colorado. Knowing that I am a huge book nerd, she suggested we stop by a local bookstore! The Tattered Cover did not disappoint! Founded by Joyce Meskis, Tattered Cover has existed for over 40 years and belongs to IndieBound, a group of independent bookstores. In a time of dwindling bookstores and growing eReaders, Tattered Cover remains strong. Tattered Cover has three locations in Denver — Colfax Avenue, Lower Downtown (LoDo), and the Highlands Ranch Town Center — and is opening a store at the Denver International Airport this year.


ce6377debf94e7953868caee66c229c2My friend and I visited the LoDo location at the end of the 16th Street Mall in the restored Morey Mercantile Building. Besides a cute name, Tattered Cover has two floors of books, a cozy fireplace, a cafe, and numerous seating areas to read to your heart’s content comfortable.  The LoDo store exudes a homey feel, so you may never want to leave and it taps into the history of the city by keeping the building’s past alive through the decor. There is also a friendly, permanent patron. On the ledge above the staircase sits a sculpture of Charlie Shugarts. The plaque beneath his cozy reading scene describes him as a “Friend of Tattered Cover.” At first Charlie may seem like an odd decorating choice, but he grows on you and you envy his private reading area.


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The shelves were filled with interesting reads and tables throughout the store featured best sellers, new fiction, spotlighted authors and many other categories. I did find the Religion section to be lacking, but the World and U.S. history areas were great! One aspect I loved about Tattered Cover was how they decorated each area of the store according to the genre of the section. For instance, the travel section furnished with a globe, comfortable chair, and destination posters. We did not buy any food so I cannot speak to the quality of the cafe, but it does have WiFi which is important these days.


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I lost my photos in a computer accident Source:

Tattered Cover also offers a variety of events and services. They provide book club outreach, book catering for fairs, self-publishing, visiting author events, family nights, contests, and much more. While I was visiting, they were promoting a lecture on the book In Search of the Racial Frontier: African Americans in the American West. Tattered Cover is a happening place!

In the end, I had to go back and get a book. I bought Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present by Michael B. Oren. I am looking forward to diving into the book, but I have to finish the other two books with which I am currently involved.  Overall, my experience at Tattered Cover was fantastic. The staff were friendly and helpful, the atmosphere was inviting, and there was a decent book selection. I highly recommend visiting the Tattered Cover if you’re ever in Denver!

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  • malibudoc

    I am interested in hearing your take on America in the Middle East as I am currently reading BP and the Red Line Agreement, which outlines the involvement in the Middle East by the victors of the first world war, setting of country boundaries and the fight for oil rights.
    Say, how do you like the library at the University of Chicago?

  • Ashley

    Emily, I’m glad you like the store! Maybe if you’re on this side of the pond sometime you can visit.

    Malibudoc, once I get into reading the book we can talk, but we can discuss the Middle East before then, too! Funny you should bring up the UChicago library – as I’ve been graduate school hunting I considered doing a piece about libraries. Perhaps that will happen!

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