Four Weeks of Intensity

For those of you who regularly visit Sitting in the Stacks you’ll notice that I haven’t posted in almost two weeks. This delay in writing is not due to a lack of inspiration or material (I’m a chatty person who regularly has something to say). My absence is due to a class I am taking this summer.

For four weeks I’ll be in an intensive class about race and ethnicity in the media. I have already received multiple ideas to add to the list of post topics. Although I may be distant for the following month to focus on the daily readings and essays, I will do my best to continue to post.

I currently have a review of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, a reflection on the difficulty of planning an interfaith celebration, and an overview on interfaith marriage in the works. There are interesting posts in the near future, I just need to finish writing and editing. I am also pursuing two different interviews at the moment that I hope will prove to be interesting reads.

Please stay tuned and don’t lose interest. Sitting in the Stacks will be back momentarily!

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