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River God

river god

River God
by Wilbur Smith


“River God” transports you back in time to ancient Egypt through the eyes of the beloved slave Taita. Through Taita the reader experiences the immense love of childhood friends turned lovers, the glory and melancholy of a nation at war, and the intricacies of Egyptian culture and religion.

As an author Wilbur Smith’s knowledge and vivid language bonds you to the characters and scenery. His writing plays out in your mind like a film. It was nearly impossible for me to put this book down which proved problematic as I read it while getting TEFL certified. Smith also captures the fascinating world of Egyptian religious ritual, which enamored me to “River God” even more as a religious studies scholar. Anyone who has an interest in history, Egypt, or religion should read this book immediately! Do not be daunted by its immensity (it’s 528 pages), because in one sitting you will find you may read the book in its entirety.

Note: This was originally part of the 2013 “Books of the Longest Summer.”

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