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W.W.W. Wednesdays: April 30, 2014

It’s the last day of April!! Can you believe it? I cannot. At least the weather here in the Midwest has begun to cooperate. Outside looks and feels like Spring rather than Winter. I also cannot believe it’s going to be May, because that means I have five weeks left in the school year. I have five weeks to write 3 papers and these are not tiny, friendly essays. Breathe, as I used to say to my friends working the 2008 Presidential campaign. Just breathe. On that note, let’s get to this weeks W.W.W. Wednesday!


My WWW Wednesdays will be slightly modified from the norm seen on other blogs, since I am currently a graduate student.
WWW Wednesdays will include a “School” section and a “For Fun” section.
• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

For Fun

What are you currently reading? 

This hasn’t really changed from last week. I am still working on A Clash of Kings, and am happy to report that I read a chapter this week!

What did you recently finish reading? 

I recently finished a “Bran” chapter in A Clash of Kings. Does anyone else get annoyed with these sections? I find it difficult to read the “Bran” chapters as I feel like he is just whining. Though, as a character, I cannot fault him for complaining. I have no idea what I would be like if I was no longer able-bodied.

What do you think you’ll read next?

I’ll be reading more news articles! I will also read the next chapter in A Clash of Kings, which is a “Tyrion” chapter. Tyrion is one of my favorite characters in the books and on the show.

For School

What are you currently reading? 

Today I am reading two articles about Muslims in Muslim minority countries. Right now I’m learning about the use of sharia in the U.K. Later this evening, I’ll begin The Saffron Wave: Democracy and Hindu Nationalism in Modern India by Thomas Hansen and Mormonism:The Story of a New Religious Tradition by Jan Shipps. 

What did you recently finish reading?

This week, for school, I had to read Saba Mahmood’s Politics and Piety. This book examines the mosque movement in Egypt that is predominated by women. It was a very theoretical read and hard to follow at times, but it covers an interesting topic. I also had to read an article about Islamic Hip Hop, Islamic video games, and the adaptation of the Exodus story by American slaves. David Walker’s Appeal and The City on the Hill from Below: The Crisis of Prophetic Black Politics by Stephen H. Marshall were two other texts I had to read this week. 

What will you read next? 

I will soon begin reading sources for two of my papers. I’ll be exploring some of the rhetoric in presidential speeches (have to pick certain presidents to focus on) and a secondary source entitled, Creatures of Politics. For my other paper, I will reading articles about online discussions on Islamic marriage in diaspora. I originally wanted to focus on interfaith marriage to harken back to my undergraduate capstone, but there does not seem to be enough source material. For classes, I will soon be reading about the American Civil War in relation to American exceptionalism, Pentecostalism in Nigeria, and digital communities of female Muslims.   What have you read this week?

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