Sitting In The Stacks Goes Social and Returns to Books

I’m back!! Now that summer is upon us and piles of school work are temporarily in the past, Sitting In The Stacks comes back to life. There are few newsworthy items to discuss. 1) Sitting In The Stacks is returning to focus primarily on books and writing. I feel that this will streamline the site’s content and allow me to post more regularly, as I am always reading and writing. This does not mean “Musings” has disappeared, but posts to this section will be minimal. In line with this “rebranding,” Sitting In The Stacks received a makeover.

goes social

The website now has a new look and new menus. No material was deleted, so do not fret. To simplify things, the main menus are “About,” “Books,” “Writings,” and “Musings.” Under each of this menus you can find your favorite posts according to category. Under “Books” you will find “fiction,” “non-fiction,” “bookstores of the world,” and “findings.” This will be the most active section of the site. Under “Writings” you can select “academic,” “poetry,” and “stories & prose.” Under “Musings” are “religion,” “current events,” and “life & reflections.” This will be the most inactive section of the site.   2) Sitting In The Stacks has gone social! Want to know what is being posted? Follow SitS on Twitter @SittingInStacks, on Facebook, and on Google+Sitting In The Stacks is everywhere you are for easy updates on book reviews, bookstores, and all things books! If you’re interested in tweets about religion, politics, the media, academic life, and much more follow me @dat_campbell. As always, I am interested to hear from Sitting In The Stacks readers. Let me know what you think about these changes in the comments section or for longer messages reach me on the “Contact” page.

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