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Book Busy: Aug. 20 WWW Wednesday

This WWW Wednesday:

book busyAs the summer comes to an end (oh no!), things are getting busy. School will start soon and that means back to academic reading. There are vacations to plan, applications to write, and jobs to complete.

Besides all the usual life chaos, things have also become book busy! Detroit City Is The Place To Be is still a wonderful read! Recently I’ve learned a great deal about the auto industry.

Started a new book, Misdirection. Stay tuned, because Sitting in the Stacks is going to host a stop on the Misdirection book tour in September!

Coming up next week — a review of Outlander, the sexy historical series by Diana Gabaldon and a new Starz original series!

Remember, WWW Wednesdays cover the following:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently read?
What will you read next?

book busy

Are you book busy? How’s your summer winding down?


    • Ashley

      The first episode was great! The second was still well done, but they’ve already diverged from the book. Scenes from this week’s episode show even more divergence. I get needing to change things to make it easier for TV, but the changes thus far don’t make sense in that way.

    • Ashley

      I’ve been wanting to read it, too. Somehow, though, it keeps getting pushed back. I enjoyed the first Outlander book. I’m a bit hesitant to read the rest of the series.

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