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Late Night Reading Truths

Have you ever started out reading in bed only to find yourself watching the sunrise? There is something beautiful about being so engrossed in a book that you cannot put it down. The beauty is only magnified by watching the sky lighten from midnight blue to grey to the pinkish blue of the early morning.

There’s also a natural soundtrack built into late night-early morning reading — BIRDS! At least during the warmer months, the birds begin to chirp as the sun rises. Some may say they’re singing in the new day. However,¬†after being up for more than 14 hours, those birds sound like they’re just as cranky in the morning as the rest of us.

Nonetheless, reading early into the morning is wonderful! It’s a secret world in which you’re the only one reading the only book in the whole world!

























And then….there’s the “hangover” of the next day. But the book was worth it, right?

Have you ever experienced the transcendent moment of reading at the sunrise? Share your story in the comments.


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