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Book Comics By Grant Snider

grant snider

Happy Friday!

This weeks finding comes from a 2013 Huffington Post article.

Grant Snider is a Kansas based illustrated. In 2013, The Huffington Post profiled Snider’s book comics that were made into posters.

The posters cover topics from the author’s method of writing to what it means to be a book lover. They are all adorable and speak to the writer and book nerd in all of us.

This particular comic spoke to me. I recently moved and it made me realize just how many books I own. I really do take in books like they are stray animals. If there’s a “free books” box, I’ll stop. If there’s a used bookstore, I’ll explore. (And more likely than not in both of those cases, go home with a new book or two.) But even when owning so many books can be a problem, I don’t think I could survive without overflowing bookshelves.

grant snider

If you’re interested in buying one of Snider’s book posters you can do that here.

Do you relate to this comic?

Which of Snider’s book comics do you like? Share it in a comment!

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