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Reading Resurrection WWW Wednesday 9.9.15

reading ressurectionThis WWW Wednesday….

After a year long hiatus, Sitting in the Stacks is back! I must apologize for letting the chaos of school take over all of my time and prevent me from writing about one of my loves — books and bookstores!

This reading resurrection begins with a WWW Wednesday.

This week I’ve been practicing the art of book juggling. No, I’m not literally juggling books — though that’s an interesting image. I have been attempting to read 3+ books right now. Two of the texts are “for fun” and are keeping me connected with my academic side. The others include guidebooks for my current adventure in journalism.

It’s been one crazy year and I have a backlog of bookstores and books to review. Sadly some books I’ve read over the last 12 months won’t get their own post, because there is just not enough time in a day.

I hope you’re as happy to have SitS back as I am. Please come back soon for a book review or a bookstore highlight! Also, remember, SitS is also about writing. Check out some of the creative pieces I’ve been brave enough to post.

What’s on your WWW Wednesday?

*WWW Wednesday was a series started by MizB at Should Be Reading. The series has since ended and Should Be Reading is now at A Daily Rhythm.

A WWW Wednesday Asks…

What are you reading?
What have you read recently?
What will you read next?

reading ressurection

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