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Are there book jigsaw puzzles?

book jigsaw puzzlesIn a fit of stress earlier this week I started a jigsaw puzzle. It’s a collage of images of The Beatles. Needless to say, it’s great. (Everyone agrees The Beatles make things great, right?)

This spontaneous decision to do a puzzle to deal with stress has inspired this week’s Friday Findings. Or should I say, lack of findings.

Book Jigsaw Puzzles

book jigsaw puzzles
Screen shot from my computer

There is a dearth of jigsaw puzzles that are book themed!! I make this claim after only a cursory Google search, but I did search through the first few pages of results. Google shop results showed that most book jigsaw puzzles were covers of books or fairytale themed. So while some options exist, they’re very limited.

Similarly to the Google shop results, I found a website that sells puzzles of select book covers. Guess what — that’s limited too! I appreciate that the puzzles are of Shakespeare and Jules Verne books, but that’s not a ton of variety.

My continued search produced an online puzzle. This puzzle is a rainbow of books on a shelf. It’s quite aesthetically pleasing. However, trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle on a computer is infuriating.

book jigsaw puzzles
Screen shot taken from my computer

I began sorting the pieces — edges from the middle — and became so irritated by the format within 44 seconds. Perhaps you’ll say I’m not patient enough, but I can solve a 500 piece puzzle by myself in the non-virtual world. There was just something off-putting about the online puzzle.

Puzzles should be a tactile experience.

What are your thoughts? Can you solve a digital puzzle?

Have you found book themed jigsaw puzzles that are visually exciting?

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