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Book Crazy Week – Sunday Summary

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The past two weeks involved a lot of books. I went to a conference in Salt Lake City and it had a bookstore area that I found the first day. As always, it can be dangerous letting me go near books that are for sale.

I went a little book crazy.

I ended up buying a couple books from that conference.

  • Fields of Blood – Karen Armstrong
  • Speaking of Faith  – Krista Tippett

Then, on Friday, I had dinner plans with a cousin. To kill time before our reservation, I wandered to a bookstore across the street. It was a very quaint store. I want to go back and profile it for Bookstores of the World.

I walked away from that visit with two books.

  • The Opposite of Loneliness  – Marina Keegan
  • A Brief History of Seven Killings – Marlon James

Marlon James is the 2015 Man Booker Prize winner! James is also an English professor at Macalester College – my alma mater!

Sunday Summary

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