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Journalist Poet Publishes Anthology

journalist poetFor those who don’t know, I’m a sucker for good poetry. My favorite poet is e.e. cummings. There may or may not be a teddy bear in my past with the name “e.e.”

It’s great, then, when good poetry combines with another topic of interest.

Yesterday, on Twitter, I came across a post by Columbia Journalism Review about a journalist poet. It may not seem strange to many out there that a journalist is also a poet. Once a writer, always a writer sort of thing, right?

It’s surprisingly difficult to easily move between different styles of writing. Writing styles are like languages. To be a prolific writer across styles requires code-switching. I’m currently learning this the hard way as I try to learn journalistic writing after years of academia.

Poetic insights

I was prepared for the poems to be subpar. It was going to be like an actor becoming a singer or a singer turning to acting, right?


Jeffrey Brown’s poems about journalism explore the ethical and existential questions. His three part poem entitled, “The Art of Interviewing,” exposes the frustration, intimacy, and tension involved in asking a stranger questions — sometimes very personal questions.

Brown at times appears critical of the industry that he’s made his career. For this I commend him!

I highly recommend you take a gander at the poems published in the CJR article.

The collection of poems, The News, was published by Copper Canyon Press in May 2015.

Other Findings

Here’s another Friday Findings courtesy of my sister, the middle school teacher. She knows how to appeal to my love of education and books!

journalist poet

*Photo found on Pintrest.

Did you come across anything this week that is your Friday Findings?

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