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    Poet Joseph Campbell

    Poetry has been on my mind again lately, as I’m reviving my hope to publish an anthology. The creative juices have been flowing. I just need to go through the piles of poems I’ve written over the years, take the decent ones, edit and compile. Easier said than done, of course!

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    Procrastination for Creativity

    Strategies and tools to overcome procrastination are plentiful. From time management schemes to new technological apps, everyone wants to combat procrastination. But what if procrastination actually helps you produce creative content? What if those hours avoiding the blank page contribute to that one beautiful line to trump all other sentences you’ve written?

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    To Kill A Mockingbird

      Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” is assigned reading in most middle schools and high schools. I can still recall sitting in 8th English talking about Scout and Atticus Finch. As I aged, these memories stuck with me and Scout, Atticus, and Boo Radley were recognizable names. Their personalities and stories, however, were replaced by other characters and other memories. Reading this book contributed to these challenges:Read Like Rory

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    Reading Hole – Sunday Summary

    Have you seen that commercial for Amazon Prime that talks about the show hole? It’s the feeling you get when you binge watch a series only for it to end. For those of us who are bookworms, we’re more familiar with the reading hole. A great book ends and you don’t know what to do with yourself. You can’t even think of picking up a new book, because it feels like cheating. Starting something so new so soon is inappropriate.

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    Wisdom, Sometimes

    I want to swallow the world To know everything at my deepest core To intimately understand all To embrace omniscience To become Sophia …Sometimes Photo credit: Murdoch Campbell

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    Anthropology of an American Girl

      When I first picked up “Anthropology of an American Girl,” I approached it with sarcasm. A friend of mine had joked about developing an American Studies class about the elusive American Girl. My response to him was that Hilary Thayer Hamann’s book could potentially be the textbook. After reading Hamann’s work, though, I am flabbergasted and regret my prior scoffing.

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    Punctuation Art

    When we pick up a book it’s safe to say that we’re focused on the words. The words, the sentences, and the paragraphs form the narrative that engages us. We read for the information conveyed and the story told. What about that which goes between the words? What about the punctuation? Adam J. Calhoun asked these exact questions:

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    The Writing Spot

    Athletes have their pre-game rituals. Performers have their pre-show regime. Writers have their spot. The writing spot provides focus and inspiration. It is the writer’s retreat from the world where words move from the imagination to the page. I think I can say with confidence that every writer has the spot even if it exist only in their mind, because location or money prohibit the imaginative spot from existing.

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    An Endless Backlog of Reviews – Sunday Summary

    It’s been one more week and surprise, surprise — I still need to write new reviews! The review backlog goes as far back as Spring 2014! Since March 2014 I have meant to review Lit by Marry Karr, which inspired a poem I posted in the “Writing” section. Although the memoir inspired me to write and it made the 20 in Your 20s challenge, I never reviewed it!