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Lost Books and the Art of Moving – Sunday Summary

Many of you may not know that I tend to move frequently. Pursuing the life of an academic and, therefore, many advanced degrees, requires moving from city to city and school to school. Thankfully my next move will have me situated in one place for at least four years, since I’ll be a doctoral student!

All this moving means I need tlost bookso update my addresses regularly and sometimes I forget to double check that auto-inserted address when I make orders. I’ve made such an oversight a fews times this monthย and it’s resulted in a few lost books.

My good friend, who lives in my previous apartment, has come to my rescue! She has kindly been shipping the books to me when they arrive at my former address. I can only imagine the nightmare it would be if a friend hadn’t taken over my lease and a complete stranger was getting my books! They would surely be lost books trapped in a house that may not even want them!

The horror!

In the meantime, major thanks to my friend for forwarding my books. Also, here is a Sunday Summary with an air of mystery, because what I read next all depends on the mail.

Sunday Summary

lost books

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