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Punctuation Art

punctuation artWhen we pick up a book it’s safe to say that we’re focused on the words. The words, the sentences, and the paragraphs form the narrative that engages us. We read for the information conveyed and the story told.

What about that which goes between the words? What about the punctuation?

Adam J. Calhoun asked these exact questions:

“We easily forget the little suggestions pushed in between: the punctuation. But how can we be so cruel to such a fundamental part of writing?”

Calhoun used his science and technology skills to develop punctuation art! He removed the words from pages of his favorite books and left the punctuation.

These posters offer visual insight into different writing styles. Does an author include lots of parenthetical comments? Are a writer’s sentences the length of a paragraph?

Looking at punctuation art gives a reader a whole new appreciation of punctuation!

“Writing can be beautiful because of the words an author chooses to use: but it can also be beautiful because of the choice of punctuation.”

Here is a chart that shows the amount various punctuation is used in select titles:

punctuation art
Photo Credit: Adam J. Calhoun

My favorite images were the punctuation heat maps!

punctuation art
Photo credit: Adam J. Calhoun

Do you have a new appreciation for punctuation now?

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