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Reading Hole – Sunday Summary

Have you seen that commercial for Amazon Prime that talks about the show hole? It’s the feeling you get when you binge watch a series only for it to end. For those of us who are bookworms, we’re more familiar with the reading hole.

reading holeA great book ends and you don’t know what to do with yourself. You can’t even think of picking up a new book, because it feels like cheating. Starting something so new so soon is inappropriate.

I’m going through a Harper Lee reading hole. I finished “To Kill a Mockingbird” on Monday and quickly consumed “Go Set a Watchman.” In fact, finishing Lee’s second book was a beautiful way to spend a Saturday morning.

But now…what am I to do? Technically I’ve not started “The Group” yet. I just chose a book I thought I could get into easily while still digesting the beauty of Harper Lee’s words. This reading hole is probably magnified by the fact that Harper Lee passed this week. Perhaps the best tribute would be to write and publish reviews of her two works.

This week’s Sunday Summary brings with it some bad news. My ambitions to review books I’d previously read will have to go unfulfilled. I sat down to convey the emotional experience of “Between the World and Me” and “Lit,” but the memories were hard to recall. It’s not that I can’t remember how much I enjoyed the books. Rather, I can’t relate constructive commentary on the messages they convey and the impact they had on me as a reader.

Maybe once I get some distance from this reading hole, I’ll be able to reconnect with “Between the World and Me” and “Lit.” For more information, read the blurb in the “Up For Review” section of the infographic below.

This Week In Books

reading hole


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