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    March Monthly Wrap-up

    It’s the end of March!! Wow – that went fast (said every adult ever). Welcome to my first monthly wrap-up. I decided to participate in this summary post after seeing various other book bloggers (such as ChocolatenWaffle’s Blog). It appears that the usual order of these post are 1) personal updates, 2) books read, 3) reviews published, and 3) other information. Here we go!

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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter from the foothills of Boulder, Colorado!  There wasn’t much reading done this past week, because I am in the process of writing final papers. After two years of not finishing the spring term until June, I can’t believe the semester will be over in 5 weeks! Even though this week was dedicated to working, I did finish one book on the plane out to Colorado AND get a new book to add to the shelf. Keep reading to find out more!

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    5 Reading Nooks

    Happy Friday!! How was your week? Do you have exciting weekend plans? This week’s Finding come from Pintrest. Did you know that Sitting in the Stacks has a Pintrest board? The board gets updated regularly with a myriad of finds from across the Internet. Check it out for photos of reading nooks, thoughts of book lovers, and so much more! The very first Writing Wednesday covered writing spots and the quirky habits of authors. But readers have special spots and interesting quirks, too! So this week…

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    5 Un-Writing Motivation Tips

    As I bemoaned on Sunday, I’m in the midst of writing terms papers. Sometimes the words just flow and other times you have to shake them out. But what is there to do when you really need writing motivation? How do you get the words out of the head, through the fingers, and onto the page? Here are five oh-so sure fire ways to get…

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    Love to Brussels

    At this time of tragedy in Brussels, I want to send all of my thoughts and love to the people of this fantastic city. During college I was privileged to spend a semester studying and exploring in Brussels, Belgium. I maintained a blog, entitled Apocrypha of Brussels, during those six months. Brussels quickly became like a second home to me and I sincerely believe that part of my heart remained there. As a goodbye, I wrote a love letter to the city. Below you will find a re-post of that love letter from 2011.

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    Technology makes foreign literature accessible

    My interest in foreign language books began when my parents took me, as a young boy, to visit Europe not long after World War II. Witnessing the devastation that still existed in Hamburg, Germany frightened me. Being unable to understand people’s speech or read road signs was equally frightening and isolating. The bombed out buildings and the inability to communicate made me acutely aware that my own culture differed radically from what I was experiencing.

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    Bogged-Down by Books

    I wish I could say that being bogged-down by books at the moment was the good kind. There is something beautiful about the freedom to read for fun and have piles to the ceiling of books you want to read. But that is not my current fate. I’m mainly bogged-down by books for research. Though I do have new “for-fun” books to show off this week!

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    Spring Poem for a Puddle Day

    In honor of the first day of spring happening this weekend, this week’s Friday Findings is a poem that makes me think of puddles, flowers, and sunshine smiles. I’ve adored this poem for ages. The poet, e.e. cummings, is a favorite. I adore cummings’ work so much, that I have a lavender filled, anti-stress teddy bear named e.e. 

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    Ingredients of a book review

    Someone asked me the other day how do I write a book review? Sitting in the Stacks has been publishing since 2009, so writing a review now feels like second nature. It took me a moment to think of my reviewing process. How do I write a review? The reviews on Sitting in the Stacks that I would label my “best” all have two things in common – an emotional connection to the book and discussing more than the book’s content.