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5 Un-Writing Motivation Tips

un-writing motivationAs I bemoaned on Sunday, I’m in the midst of writing terms papers. Sometimes the words just flow and other times you have to shake them out.

But what is there to do when you really need writing motivation? How do you get the words out of the head, through the fingers, and onto the page?

Here are five oh-so sure fire ways to get…

Un-writing motivation tips

We all know that when we try our hardest to write, sometimes we find everything and anything else that needs doing. It’s the productive procrastination trap!

So why don’t we just embrace it?

1. Spread your materials ALL OVER your desk. That way you can’t even find a space to write.
un-writing motivation
Yes, that is my desk.
2. Drink so much caffeine that your heart races so you need to lay down.


3. At that point, you might as well NAP!
Photo credit: Dave Morris @ Flickr
Photo credit: Dave Morris @ Flickr
4. Update Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your blog. The world wants to know what you’re doing,ย right?
Photo credit: kropekk_pl @ Pixabay
Photo credit: kropekk_pl @ Pixabay
5. And when another day has passed and the sun is setting — Socialize! Because you can always get to writing tomorrow.
Photo credit: Ian Kobylanski @Flickr
Photo credit: Ian Kobylanski @Flickr


Let’s be honest though — we should all just START WRITING! Getting started is the hardest part.

How do you un-write? What are your go-to activities to avoid working on your projects?
Share your 5 un-writing habits in the comments! If you make your own post, share the link. I’d love to see it!


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