March Monthly Wrap-up

It’s the end of March!! Wow – that went fast (said every adult ever).

Welcome to my first monthly wrap-up. I decided to participate in this summary post after seeing various other book bloggers (such as ChocolatenWaffle’s Blog). It appears that the usual order of these post are 1) personal updates, 2) books read, 3) reviews published, and 3) other information.

Here we go!

On the personal front, I have some exciting news. I’m going to be a PhD student!! This fall I’ll be beginning my PhD in media studies at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

All my other personal news is boring and school related. I turned in a paper today! Only a month left in the semester….woohoo!

MarchBooks Read in March

This is going to seem like a paltry list, because I’m in school full time and work part time. Most of my reading happens before bed, on the bus, and on planes. However, when it’s research paper time, those designated reading periods become research periods.

1) Covering Islam by Edward Said
A great book about the media coverage and representation of Islam during the Iranian hostage crisis (1979-1981). Said makes some astute observations about media treatments of Islam that are still applicable today.

2) The Group by Mary McCarthy
This book contributed to the 20 In Your 20s reading challenge. McCarthy’s novel about a group of Vassar graduates during the Depression was an enjoyable read. The number of plots and characters became overwhelming on occasion, but overall I would recommend this read. Check out the review.

3) MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche
I’m still in the process of reading this book. So far so good!

MarchReviews Published in March

1) To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

2) Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

3) The Group by Mary McCarthy

Blog Series Posts from March

The other part of this wrap-up will be my favorite series posts from March. For those who don’t know, we have a couple of series here at Sitting in the Stacks. Read about the blog if you’re interested in specifics about these series.

  • Bookstores of the World
  • Friday Findings
  • Sunday Summary
  • Writing Wednesdays
  • Musings (more sporadic than a regular series)

Here are my favorite series posts:

1) Ingredients of a Book Review — Writing Wednesday
When someone asked me how I write a book review, it really made me reflect on the process. This piece outlines what I discovered.

2) Technology makes foreign literature accessible — Musings (guest post)
This was the first guest post by my father!!

3) Spring Poem for a Puddle Day — Friday Finding March
e.e. cummings in my favorite poet. He’s “In Just-” poem reminds me of spring, so I HAD TO share it when beautiful spring weather appeared.

4) Lost in a Book — Friday Finding (book tag)
I’ve really enjoyed book tags and am hoping to participate in more. Tag me if you have one!!

Coming up in April

My birthday for one thing!

More seriously — I’m hoping to finish MWF Seeking BFF! Ideally I’d also like to catch-up on a backlog of bookstore posts. Here are the goals for the month in a list (I love lists):


  1. MWF Seeking BFF – finish
  2. The Bell Jar – read & finish
  3. One Nation Under Gods – begin reading
  4. Belgium: Long United, Long Divided – begin reading
  5. Review the above books
  6. Write 3 Bookstores of the World Posts
  7. Friday Finding Posts x 5
  8. Sunday Summary x 4
  9. Writing Wednesday x 4
  10. A Musing post — there’s a lot knocking around in my noggin

Here’s a question for all you — should I write a review of Covering Islam? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Did you have a productive March? What was the best book you read in March? 

What reading goals do you have for April? 

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