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My Week in Books – Sunday Summary

This week has been a lovely time for reading. Over spring break I finished The Group, which will be reviewed on Monday, and I began MWF Searching for a BFF by Rachel Bertsche. Bertsche’s book is also a part of the 20 In Your 20s reading challenge.

Untitled InfographicSomewhere along the way I must have misread the description of MWF Searching for a BFF or the book’s summary was just not very clear. I had been under the impression that Bertsche’s book was a novel. Rather, the book is a memoir of Bertsche’s actual attempt to find a best friend in Chicago.

Finding out Bertsche’s book isn’t a novel has not detracted from the story in any way. In fact, I feel more connected to the social anxiety, over thinking, and goofiness of Bertsche’s experience because it happened to a real someone and not a fictional character.

As someone who moves a lot, I can relate to Bertsche’s search. Finding and making news friends is not easy as you get older and it’s particularly difficult if you tend to move every two years. Next year I’ll be settled in one place for longer, so I’m looking forward to finishing Bertsche’s book and applying the lessons learned from her search.

What have you been reading this week? Did you start or finish a book? Did you make a new book purchase? Share your week in books in the comments!

My Week In Books


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