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Birthday Weekend Reads: Sunday Summary

birthday weekendWant to know a secret? It’s my birthday today!!

Because I have two awesome friends, it’s been a birthday weekend of sorts.

For my birthday weekend we went to a grilled cheese and beer tasting, a speakeasy, a museum exhibit about the spiritualist movement, and a Scooby Doo themed escape room.

This means there wasn’t too much reading this weekend.IMG_6229


New Addition

My copy of Quarterlife Poetry by Samantha Jayne came this week!! Now I can soothe the anxiety of being a year past quarterlife with humorous observations about life in your 20s.

If you want to know more about the book, check out last week’s Friday Findings post.

The Week in Books

untitled-infographic (2)

Posts Published This Week

The commenting issue, which apparently had been going on for awhile, was remedied this week. I apologize to any of you who attempted to comment, but it failed to appear.

Also, there wasn’t a lot of new content on the site this week. I had another term paper due. Content should increase in the next week, because I’m almost done with the term. All papers for the semester are completed, which means my brain can focus on other types of writing — like the blog!

  1. Writing on a plane — Writing Wednesday
  2. 6 Enchanting Libraries from Film and TV — Friday Findings


What does everyone think about a Writing Wednesday post about editing? There will also be a Friday Findings. Hopefully I’ll keep catching up on bookstore posts. The Boulder Bookstore post will come out on Monday.

What did you read this week? Any book recommendations?


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