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Boulder Bookstore

boulder bookstoreA standard part of visiting any new city is finding a local bookstore. If one doesn’t exist, eh…maybe not my kind of place. If there is a local bookstore, it can tell you a lot about the town.

Boulder Bookstore, located on Pearl Street Mall, definitely provides an overview of the town’s personality. Situated on three floors with various “wings,” the store offersboulder bookstore everything from the latest fiction to meditation cushions.

For those who don’t know Boulder, Colorado, the inclusion of a room dedicated to topics such as “Bodywork,” “Meditation Aids,” “Shamanism,” and “Tarot” is a good description of it’s more esoteric side….or so I’m told by those more familiar with the town.

The store occupies 20,000 square feet and contains 100,000 titles. Now that is a book lover’s haven!

The Reader’s Guild is Boulder Bookstore’s membership option. You can join for just $13 a year. As a member you get 10% off almost everything in the store and 15% off used books!

That’s another perk of the Boulder Bookstore — buying and selling used books. Doing a bookshelf spring cleaning or want to dispose of semester textbooks? Boulder Bookstore will buy them! In addition to selling used books, the store also offers book sleuthing. Boulder Bookstore will locate out-of-print books and special finds. boulder bookstore

Boulder Bookstore also hosts bookclubs and various events throughout the year.

My favorite room in the store is the Ballroom on the top floor (seen to the right). If there were an oversized chair in the Ballroom, I could probably be found sitting in this room reading.

Lastly, I was super impressed that the store had foreign literature. It was only one shelf, but it’s not very common to find books in other languages at a local bookstore. Kudos to Boulder Bookstore for this!

I’m happy to have found such a great store on my first trip to Boulder. The Boulder Bookstore is definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.

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