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One day I spoke to the world–

One day I spoke to the world–

believing it time for answers.

Photo by Sean Proctor
Photo by Sean Proctor


“Why do flowers bloom?”
“Because you will it so.”

“Why does it rain?”
“Because you will it to.”

“Why does the sun rise and set and the moon climb and descend?”
“Because you wish them to do so.”


I hesitated to ask the question that lingered longest in my mind:

“Why does my heart hurt?”

The world remained silent–

“Why do streams flow from my eyes and boulders roll in my stomach?”


The world hummed–

“Because you carry all of me with you wherever you travel,

Absorbing the ravishing of my surface,
Begging for solutions,
Crying out for change.

You awe at the sky, water, and land,

Admiring the glow of my light,
Hearing the thunder of my cascades,
Embracing my green giants in your arms.

But you haven’t stopped to appreciate your beauty, the compassion, and the curiosity that drives you.

You’ve isolated yourself in a place that should be shared…”


The world sighed–

“You’ve not let someone carry you.
That is why your heart hurts.”

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