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Surviving Quarterlife with Humor

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.05.12 PMOver 2 million results come up when you search “quarter-life crisis,” making it a great market for self-help products. Addressing the quarter-life crisis comes in two forms – humor or typical self-help books. Sometimes you can get a bit of both.

Samantha Payne tackles quarterlife with humor, but also graphics! She began the Instagram account @quarterlifepoetry to present a comic, reality check on life in your 20s. Payne combines cartoon illustrations with short poems.

Payne’s insights really hit close to home. She really understands wanting to stay home to watch TV, ordering pizza, and life as a single lady in your mid- to late-twenties. Below you’ll find one of my favorites.

Books & Videos – Oh My!

Payne achieved such a following that her poetry has become a book!

Actually, Payne’s poetry are quatrains. A quatrain is a poem of four lines that rhyme.

If a book weren’t good enough, Payne acted in four videos (noticing a theme?) to advertise her book. AdWeek wrote about the videos, noting Payne’s career in marketing.

You should watch the videos — they’re hilarious!

Are you in your 20s? Do you get the quarterlife humor? 

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