April Monthly Wrap-up

This is a day late, but Sunday was my first REAL first day of my week off so I lounged around instead of doing any work. I get a week off before diving into summer term, which is an internship and a capstone project.

What else would I do during my week off but work on my blog and bother my two adorable nieces? One eight-hour drive later and I’ve arrived.IMG_6269

Books Read in April

Reading wasn’t a top priority this month as school had to come first — papers and finals, oh my! Both of the books listed below have reviews forthcoming.

  1. MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche 
  2. The House on Seventh Street Karen Vorbeck Williams

Reviews in April

I did a mini-review of The House on Seventh Street for the release of the audiobook. The other review type posts I published in April were about bookstores.

  1. Boulder Boookstore — Boulder, CO
  2. Landmark Books — Traverse City, MI
  3. Island Bookstore — Mackinac Island, MI

Blog Series Posts in April

Here are my favorite series posts from April. For those who don’t know, we have a couple of series here at Sitting in the Stacks. Read about the blog if you’re interested in specifics about these series.

  • Bookstores of the World
  • Friday Findings
  • Sunday Summary
  • Writing Wednesdays
  • Musings (more sporadic than a regular series)weekendstacks
  1. 10 Books to Make You Laugh — Top Ten Tuesday
    This month I joined in two book memes sponsored by other book bloggers. One of those memes, Top Ten Tuesday, led to a post full of laughter. It was surprisingly hard to find 10 books that make me laugh, probably suggesting most books I read are too serious.
  2. Time Travel and Fictional Visit — Hype or Like Friday
    Hype or Like Friday was the other book meme I joined in April. The the time travel one this month was my favorite, because it let me day dream about all the fictional places and historical times I wish I could visit.
  3. 4 Poets That Inspire — Friday Findings
    April is National Poetry Month and what better way to celebrate than highlighting some great poets? These four poets are writers that I adore! Also in April, I shared another poem. It’s still a work in progess.
  4. Writing on a Plane — Writing Wednesdays
    This post begins with a great descriptive paragraph about a plane setting that I really enjoyed writing.
  5. Weekend Stacks — Musings
    April also marked the beginning of a new feature, a weekly newslester called Weekend Stacks. It comes out every Friday. Here is an example of one of the Musings that may come out with each newsletter. You can also subscribe here.

How was your April?


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