Ebooks, Free Books

ebooksMaybe not totally free books, but definitely very inexpensive books.

This week’s Friday Findings highlights the insane discounts one can find by perusing the ebook shelves. I initially learned about the practice of discounting ebooks for a limited time when I was contacted to review The House on Seventh Street. The price of Williams’ ebook was lowered to $0.99 to celebrate the release of the audiobook. That struck me as amazing!

Turns out, drastically cutting the prices of an ebook is common practice.  Read more

Murder in Paris: Aimee Leduc Investigations

ParisAimée Leduc Investigations
by Cara Black

Earlier this summer a fellow book blogger shared that she was reading Murder on the Quai (the most recent release in the series). I was instantly intrigued as I had recently finished all the books in the Tana French Dublin Murder Squad series and was aching for a new mystery. It didn’t hurt that the scene for Murder on the Quai was Paris. My interest in all things francophone was piqued.

Months later and three books down, I have become smitten with Cara Black’s mystery series. Read more

M. Judson Bookstore

M. Judson Bookstore

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.26.04 PMDuring a long-weekend visit to Greenville, South Carolina, I visited the M. Judson bookstore on South Main Street. Like all independent bookstores I’ve come across, M. Judson has its own personality that comes through from the moment you walk in the store.

From the cashier counter made out of repurposed books to themed shelving, M. Judson clearly prioritizes creativity. This creativity follows you through the store as you meander from the quirky children’s section marked by chalkboard paint and a row of school chairs to the geographically themed shelves denoted by various maps. Read more