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ebooksMaybe not totally free books, but definitely very inexpensive books.

This week’s Friday Findings highlights the insane discounts one can find by perusing the ebook shelves. I initially learned about the practice of discounting ebooks for a limited time when I was contacted to review The House on Seventh Street. The price of Williams’ ebook was lowered to $0.99 to celebrate the release of the audiobook. That struck me as amazing!

Turns out, drastically cutting the prices of an ebook is common practice. One website, BookBub, attempts to curate these great discounts right to your inbox. My dad sent me this link to BookBub’s promotional page, advertising it can get you the best deals on the latest hyped book.

If you’ve been following Sitting in the Stacks since the beginning, you know my feelings about ereaders and ebooks. Although they’re not my favorite, I do recognize their usefulness. Going on vacation? That handy piece of technology makes it so you can make more space to bring books back that you find in a quaint, local bookshop. Really want to read the sebooksequel now rather than drive to the bookstore? Oh hey, you can download it instantly!

In spite of my complicated relationship with ebooks, I felt it was necessary to pass BookBub’s service on to all of you. We all know the financial strain our love of books can cause. New books lead to new bookshelves, which leads to needing more living space. But then more space encourages us to buy more books. It’s a vicious circle! Some of us even have to give ourselves a monthly book allowance just to keep it in check. So who are we to look down on a great deal even if it does come in the form of an ebook?

Go forth my book loving friends! Download and read to your heart’s content!

Would you consider reading an ebook if you could get it for next to nothing?

*This post was not sponsored by BookBub. It honestly was motivated completely by my dad sharing the link with me.

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