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Want to write for Sitting in the Stacks?

Have you dragged your friends and family into another bookstore promising them it was the last one? Do you consider your books to be your most prized possession? Are you a fan of book humor that no one else seems to get?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are clearly passionate about all things books and should consider writing for Sitting in the Stacks.

Sitting in the Stacks is now accepting submissions for three categories:

  • book reviews
  • bookstores
  • musings on books

If you’re interested in submitting a book review, please take a look at past reviews on Sitting in the Stacks. I’m open to a variety of genres, but am looking for reviews that dive into the reading experience.

To write for the Bookstores of the World series, please explore a store and describe the experience. For a great example of a bookstore post, read about the Seminary Co-op in Chicago or Powell’s in Portland.

Writing for the Musings section is a bit more open-ended. You could write an essay about a particular reading experience, such as working through a foreign language book, or a post about publishing, fonts, book binding, history, etc. You could also write for Writing Wednesday if you’re interested in sharing inspiration or tips for writers.

Are you excited? Already have a post you want to submit? Well, read on!

Submit to Sitting in the Stacks

To submit your book review or other post to Sitting in the Stacks, please use the contact form found here. You can either paste the post into the message box or just share your pitch.

If your post or pitch seems like it fits the mission of Sitting in the Stacks you will receive a follow-up email. Receiving a follow-up email means I am interested in your writing and hope to work together through an editing process to produce a piece to be published on the site. The follow-up email is no guarantee that your post will be published.

Including images or graphics is a must, especially if you’re submitting a Bookstores of the World article! Online writing is about the visual aspects, too.

I look forward to getting your submissions!

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