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Zombie Stacks, Or the Revival of an Old Friend Lazarus Style

It’s alive!!! Sitting in the Stacks has received a much-needed makeover and is getting a second chance among the living. After two years of silence, I’m back with new book reviews, bookstores, and a whole new Musings area.

For those of you who follow SitS on Twitter already know there’s a new direction for this blog. Sitting in the Stacks will incorporate more posts related to my work readings and reflective pieces on academic life. These changes don’t mean a significant shift in the layout or tone of the site. It’s the content of SitS that will shift, although it’s a slight change.

Book reviews will include conversations about the texts I read for research and class. I’ll do my best to make these academic books relatable and connected to current events, broader interests, and writing style. Part of my academic work involves public scholarship, and I believe that can include empowering non-academics that scholarly texts can be engaging and accessible. But that’s not my key pubic scholarship focus…

A lot of my interest in public scholarship comes from (1) making religion interesting and revealing how it impacts our lives in a variety of unseen ways, (2) tying my research to current events and highlighting historical precedence, and (3) demystifying the academic life and scholarly process, because there’s a real lack of understanding what goes on in universities in graduate education. In this vein, Sitting in the Stacks will incorporate cross-posts from my podcast, (w)Holy Media, which attempts to connect religion to non-religion life. Also, I will be writing on this blog about academic life, my research process, and observations I make regarding politics, media, and religion. You’ll be able to find these posts under “Musings” and “#AmWriting.”

Those are the most substantial changes coming to Sitting in the Stacks. If you want more detail or want to check to see if your favorite series will still exist, hop on over to the “About the Blog” page. It’s been updated with specific explanations for every section of the site.

I’ll be writing a post about a book I recently read that kind of shifted my perceptions in a fantastic way in the coming days. There will also be a “Weekly Wrap” of the texts I’ve engaged with this week, including a fun book about mysticism I’m slowly digesting.

In the meantime, check out some old posts I added to Sitting in the Stacks regarding the mental toll of an academic summer and the weird resolutions academics set at the start of each semester.

Hope you’re excited for this newest version of Sits. Any comments, feedback, or concerns are always welcomed. Feel free to post in the comments!

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