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This week’s Top 5 Wednesday theme is books to movies you enjoyed. What are 5 books that have become movies that you really liked?

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Why are these so difficult for me?! I struggled with this week’s theme, too. I have books I enjoyed, but didn’t enjoy the movie. Then there are movies I enjoyed, but the books were meh. So I decided to go with books I like even if the movies weren’t that great.

Books to Movies

1. Fahrenheit 451:
I saw the 1966 movie and it was ok. I’ve not seen the 2018 movie, but heard it was not great.

2. The Reader:
I was really surprised when this was made into a movie. It was not a book I thought would be translated to the screen. The 2008 film did a good job of translating the book to screen and Kate Winslet did a good job. I prefer the book though.

3. Girl With a Pearl Earring:
We were assigned to read this book freshman year of high school and it just so happened the movie came out around the same time. I think this was my first time I remember seeing ScarJo on screen. The movie was eh, but it did capture the creepiness of the story.

4. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo:
Hot take 🔥— the Swedish film is the only one that should be viewed. I’ve seen both the Swedish and English films. Books were easier in the sense of I didn’t have the visuals of the sexual assault scenes in front of me.

5. Suite Française:
I fell in love with  Irène Némirovsky’s writing back in high school. The story behind discovering her books is like a film in itself. I think I’ve seen this movie, but I can’t recall. From the trailer it looks a bit painful, so I think I’ll stick with the book.

Have you read these books or seen these movies? Which version do you prefer?

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