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Be the Star of the Show, Take on the Role

This week’s Top 5 Wednesday theme is “star of the show.” What are 5 books in which you would want to be the main character?

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I had trouble with this top 5. There are books I’d want to be see their world, but I don’t want to live in them. There are other books where I’d want to be an ancillary character in. And then in some books I just want to be an observer.

Star of the Show

star of the show

After lots of thinking, here are my 5 picks (with caveats):

1. Discovery of Witches:
No caveats here! Diana is a badass witch, a tenured professor of history, and has a close group of friends and family.

2. Pride & Prejudice: Elizabeth has always been a favorite character of mine. I wouldn’t exactly want to stay in Regency era for long as a woman, but it’d an interesting trip.

3. The Shadow of the Wind:
Daniel’s visit to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books is the main reason I’d jump into this book.

4. Aimée Leduc Investigations:
Aimée’s life as a private detective in Paris is the kind of fictional life I’d like to experience.

5. American Gods:
Ok, so I do not want Shadow’s life. I do want to meet all the gods and talk to them.

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