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Sitting in the Stacks (SitS) is primarily a site for reflecting on a life spent in the stacks — as a bookworm, scholar, writer, freelancer, and teacher. This blog includes thoughts about academic life, book reviews, musings on the writing process, and personal reflections.

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I have always felt that average book reviews are esoteric and did not really help me determine whether a text was the one for me. Sitting in the Stacks works to combat the ineffectiveness of those reviews by offering insights that give a reader an understanding of whether they would like the book or not.

To offer a personable book reviewSitS does not use a rating system. Finding the best book to read is not formulaic and cannot be determined by 5-out-of-5 stars. I believe we form relationships with the books we read, meaning every book is not for everyone.

Bookstores & Findings

Bookstores are a vanishing place with online shopping. Yet, there are some stores hanging on and they each have a distinct personality. In honor of these stores, Sitting in the Stacks has a “Bookstores of the World” section that highlights the stores I visit.

Findings” includes different book related items I have stumbled across on the Internet that I think any book lover may enjoy. You can also see other interesting book finds on the Sitting in the Stacks Pintrest board!


In honor of my other love — writing — there is another section to this site. “Creative Words” includes various creative writing pieces I have completed. These works vary from poems and monologues to short stories.

The “#AmWriting” series includes occasional posts about the writing process. These posts can include everything from editing and where we find inspiration to the utter frustration of motivation and writer’s block. Warning: there will be humor and sarcasm.

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Mediated Musings” includes personal reflection and thoughts on academia. In this section, I address the issues of a life sitting in the stacks. I also write opinion pieces regarding my research and current events. These observation pieces serve as my attempt to examine a life lived out in books and words.

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Lastly, all material posted on Sitting in the Stacks expresses my opinion and not the view of any other person or institution (unless otherwise stated). All rights to these works are reserved.

Disclaimer: Any reviews (books or bookstores) done at the request of an author, a publisher, or store owner will be noted in the post.

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