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    Shakespeare & Co. – Philly

    In January 2019 I visited some friend in Philadelphia and of course a bookstore visit had to happen. I fell in love the moment I stepped into Shakespeare & Co. on that cold, dark January night. This combination coffee shop and bookstore smelled like coffee and baked goods. I could easily imagine myself sitting at a corner table with a warm mug, chocolate croissant, and getting lost in a new book. Shakespeare & Co. has two floors you can wander and get lost in. This bookstore visit holds a special place because it’s where I was introduced to N.K. Jemisin’s work. She is a science fiction writer who has won…

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    M. Judson Bookstore

    During a long-weekend visit to Greenville, South Carolina, I visited the M. Judson bookstore on South Main Street. Like all independent bookstores I’ve come across, M. Judson has its own personality that comes through from the moment you walk in the store. From the cashier counter made out of repurposed books to themed shelving, M. Judson clearly prioritizes creativity. This creativity follows you through the store as you meander from the quirky children’s section marked by chalkboard paint and a row of school chairs to the geographically themed shelves denoted by various maps.

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    Island Bookstore on Mackinac Island

    This Bookstores of the World post should have come out almost two years ago. Lucky for me though, waiting to write about Island Bookstore means that this post lines up with the store’s 40th anniversary! From the store’s website: “The Island Bookstore began as a small antiquarian store with a small retail space above Doud’s market 40 years ago.Today we have two locations, one on Mackinac Island and the other in Mackinaw City, serving the Straits of Mackinac area.”

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    Landmark Books, among Michigan history and ghosts

    Tucked away at the edge of a northern Michigan city is an tract of land that used to be occupied by a mental hospital. Among the halls that once housed institutionalized women is a bookstore. The Village at Grand Traverse Commons, formerly the Traverse City State Hospital, houses shops, restaurants, and residences. It’s become a mini-town on 480 acres of grassy land.

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    Boulder Bookstore

    A standard part of visiting any new city is finding a local bookstore. If one doesn’t exist, eh…maybe not my kind of place. If there is a local bookstore, it can tell you a lot about the town. Boulder Bookstore, located on Pearl Street Mall, definitely provides an overview of the town’s personality. Situated on three floors with various “wings,” the store offers everything from the latest fiction to meditation cushions.

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    Busboys & Poets Turns 10

    Steps away from history explains my initial response to listening to Angela Davis speak at the Busboys & Poets X Anniversary Party last night. Davis’ commanding voice and prose praised the Washington bookstore for their local, slow food and decried the continued imprisonment of political prisoners. Then Bill Ayers came on stage to speak about social justice in education. That was only the first thirty minutes of the evening event!

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    Bookstore Bars

    *Sitting in the Stacks is well aware today is not Friday, but decided to post a day early as many people will be out celebrating the 4th of July with their friends and family tomorrow.  Beer, wine, whiskey — they all pair well with books! Who among us hasn’t enjoyed a nice beverage while curled up with our latest read? It appears this beloved ritual of many book lovers won’t have to remain within the confines of a home.

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    Tattered Cover: Bookstores of the World

    Last weekend I visited a close friend in Denver, Colorado. Knowing that I am a huge book nerd, she suggested we stop by a local bookstore! The Tattered Cover did not disappoint! Founded by Joyce Meskis, Tattered Cover has existed for over 40 years and belongs to IndieBound, a group of independent bookstores. In a time of dwindling bookstores and growing eReaders, Tattered Cover remains strong. Tattered Cover has three locations in Denver — Colfax Avenue, Lower Downtown (LoDo), and the Highlands Ranch Town Center — and is opening a store at the Denver International Airport this year.