Ebooks, Free Books

ebooksMaybe not totally free books, but definitely very inexpensive books.

This week’s Friday Findings highlights the insane discounts one can find by perusing the ebook shelves. I initially learned about the practice of discounting ebooks for a limited time when I was contacted to review The House on Seventh Street. The price of Williams’ ebook was lowered to $0.99 to celebrate the release of the audiobook. That struck me as amazing!

Turns out, drastically cutting the prices of an ebook is common practice.  Read more

Millennials are reading more

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.05.12 PM

It may come as no surprise to fellow book lovers that books and libraries are important.

What may be surprising is that Americans under 30 report reading more than adults over 30!

Take that critics of the Millennial generation!

An Atlantic article reports on a recent Pew survey of over 6,000 Americans. The findings are interesting and highlight the young generation’s appreciation for knowledge and information. Read more

6 Enchanting Libraries from Film and TV

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.05.12 PMLists of the world’s most beautiful libraries are not hard to come by on the Internet. Everyone from Buzzfeed to Architectural Digest has curated their list of the most spectacular and breathtaking libraries.

What about fictional libraries? We’ve all read books that describe a heavenly home for books where every volume you can imagine lives. We’ve built these libraries in our imaginations and sometimes they’ve been recreated for the screen.

Of course the TV and film versions don’t always match our internal creation. Sometimes, though, what we see on the screen is simply stunning. Read more

5 Reading Nooks

reading nooksHappy Friday!! How was your week? Do you have exciting weekend plans?

This week’s Finding come from Pintrest. Did you know that Sitting in the Stacks has a Pintrest board? The board gets updated regularly with a myriad of finds from across the Internet. Check it out for photos of reading nooks, thoughts of book lovers, and so much more!

The very first Writing Wednesday covered writing spots and the quirky habits of authors. But readers have special spots and interesting quirks, too!

So this week… Read more