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    Punctuation Art

    When we pick up a book it’s safe to say that we’re focused on the words. The words, the sentences, and the paragraphs form the narrative that engages us. We read for the information conveyed and the story told. What about that which goes between the words? What about the punctuation? Adam J. Calhoun asked these exact questions:

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    The Rory Gilmore Reading List

    If you have been following the Sitting in the Stacks Twitter account, you know that I’ve been on a “Gilmore Girls” kick lately. One of the best parts of “Gilmore Girls” is the abundance of literary references. Lorelei and Rory Gilmore also make various other references to pop culture, films and music, which led to the inclusion of a small book with each season on DVD called Gilmorisms. But the books!

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    The Myers-Briggs of Reading

    Choosing a book to read reveals a bit about who we are. It can be a window into our soul, shining light on our hopes, dreams and fears. But is there a pattern? Can our reading personalities by distilled into a category?

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    Are there book jigsaw puzzles?

    In a fit of stress earlier this week I started a jigsaw puzzle. It’s a collage of images of The Beatles. Needless to say, it’s great. (Everyone agrees The Beatles make things great, right?) This spontaneous decision to do a puzzle to deal with stress has inspired this week’s Friday Findings. Or should I say, lack of findings.

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    Journalist Poet Publishes Anthology

    For those who don’t know, I’m a sucker for good poetry. My favorite poet is e.e. cummings. There may or may not be a teddy bear in my past with the name “e.e.” It’s great, then, when good poetry combines with another topic of interest.

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    Book Comics By Grant Snider

    Happy Friday! This weeks finding comes from a 2013 Huffington Post article. Grant Snider is a Kansas based illustrated. In 2013, The Huffington Post profiled Snider’s book comics that were made into posters.

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    Campfire “Book-mares”

    My dad has been Sitting in the Stacks‘ biggest fan for many years. He regularly sends me funny quotations and images about books. This week’s Friday Findings is courtesy of him.  Thanks Dad!

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    20 Books To Read In Your Twenties

    A few weeks back the book list “11 Books to Read Now that You’re a College Grad,” was brought to my attention. Although I’ve been out of college (though not school) for the last two years, a lot of the list’s themes appealed to me. I began to wonder whether a more apt title for the list would have been “11 Books to Read In Your Twenties.”

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    Late Night Reading Truths

    Have you ever started out reading in bed only to find yourself watching the sunrise? There is something beautiful about being so engrossed in a book that you cannot put it down. The beauty is only magnified by watching the sky lighten from midnight blue to grey to the pinkish blue of the early morning.