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    Outlander Review: Romantic History

      In lieu of the Scottish vote yesterday on the independence referendum it seemed appropriate to replace today’s Friday Findings with the review of Outlander. Although current Scots chose to remain a part of the United Kingdom, the Scottish in Outlander have far less sympathy for their English neighbors.

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    The Boys In The Boat – A Review

      Nine men in one boat achieve a lasting legacy. If The Boys in the Boat were to be summarized in one sentence that would be it. The Boys in the Boat follows the nine students of the University of Washington who won the gold medal in rowing at the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics. Beginning with their first days in a boat to their victory, The Boys in the Boat marks a notable, but often forgotten, moment in history.

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    The Books of the Longest Summer

    I’m back. What’s my excuse this time for being gone so long, you may ask. Well – nothing that sounds justifiable. Summer, which is only now ending for me, was long. I have never counted September as summer, but when the graduate school you are attending is on a quarter system everything changes.

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    River God

      “River God” transports you back in time to ancient Egypt through the eyes of the beloved slave Taita. Through Taita the reader experiences the immense love of childhood friends turned lovers, the glory and melancholy of a nation at war, and the intricacies of Egyptian culture and religion.

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    American Gods

      Neil Gaiman did it again! “American Gods” was an enthralling read that engages the reader in contemplating what happens to gods when immigrants come to the United States. Gaiman also asks, is it possible to create new gods in a consumer society?

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    A Rainy Sunday Cure – Star Trek: Into Darkness

    This past rainy Sunday, I used the weather and the herds of Cubs fans to partake in the sacred act of movie-going. It has been awhile since I last shared in this precious rite (January when I saw The Hobbit) and chose Stark Trek: Into Darkness to reinitiate me. My knowledge of Star Trek lore and history is minimal at best, so I cannot comment on the film’s diversions from the plot lines developed in the original series.

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    Comedy or Tragedy?: A Confederacy of Dunces

      Have you ever read a book you either could not finish or had difficulty understanding? Up until the past month, the only book (besides school readings) that I did not enjoy or “get” was Jane Eyre. If you were to ask me why I do not like Jane Eyre, I couldn’t tell you. I tried three times to read that book and I was never successful. Last month, I picked up A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole. Toole’s work became my next read for two reasons – my boyfriend suggested it and my father included a sweet note when gifting me the book for my birthday. Reading this book contributed to…

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    From the Desert To the Improbable: The Tenth Saint and An Archeological Adventure

      The arid, unforgiving desert of Ethiopia plays host to the majority of D.J Niko’s thrilling novel. The Tenth Saint follows the work of Sarah Weston, an Oxford trained archeologist too independent for her own good. While on a dig, Sarah uncovers a tomb filled with perplexing finds. A tall, white man with good and advanced dentistry dating to the 4th century? An obscure dialect carved into the walls? Sarah, driven by a wish to learn and share the past, dives into an archeological mystery that will threaten her life,  her career, and question the impossible.

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    To the Afterlife and Back: Grim

      Grim, as my first book after a long semester of graduate school, was a particularly enthusiastic read for me. The author, Anna Waggener, was a classmate of mine in undergraduate school. Please, though, do not think my favorable comments about Grim are in any way the result of friendly support. I do not deny that I may lack the ability to offer deep criticism of the plot and writing style, because I am excited for Anna’s career as a writer and believe in supporting such a talented writer at the beginning.