The Hunt for a South Carolina Book

birthday weekendOne month later and Sitting in the Stacks reappears! My one week off turned into a month, because I became swamped with a new job, planning a move, and other projects.

I recently came back from South Carolina where I visited a super cute bookstore. Stay tuned for a Bookstores of the World post! Oh – and there should be a book review of Murder in the Marais soon, too.

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Into the Trenches: Spring Finals Time

Hspring finalsello again folks! It’s that time of the week to summarize everything in the world of books that happened last week.

First, a question. Have people been having difficulty commenting? One fellow book blogger told me that her comment disappeared after she hit submit. There isn’t comment moderation on Sitting in the Stacks, you just need an email address. It’s my hope that people engage with the content on the blog, so if commenting has been an issue I would like to know so I can try to fix it. Read more

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from the foothills of Boulder, Colorado! happy easter

There wasn’t much reading done this past week, because I am in the process of writing final papers. After two years of not finishing the spring term until June, I can’t believe the semester will be over in 5 weeks!

Even though this week was dedicated to working, I did finish one book on the plane out to Colorado AND get a new book to add to the shelf.

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My Week in Books – Sunday Summary

My Week in Books – Sunday Summary

This week has been a lovely time for reading. Over spring break I finished The Group, which will be reviewed on Monday, and I began MWF Searching for a BFF by Rachel Bertsche. Bertsche’s book is also a part of the 20 In Your 20s reading challenge.

Untitled InfographicSomewhere along the way I must have misread the description of MWF Searching for a BFF or the book’s summary was just not very clear. I had been under the impression that Bertsche’s book was a novel. Read more