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    Working on the 20 in your 20s – Sunday Summary

    This past week I decided to make some progress on the 20 In Your 20s reading challenge. If I had begun the challenge when I was 20 it would have been far more manageable. Two books a year over 10 years is totally doable. Averaging four books over the next four years to complete the list of 20…a little more difficult.

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    Reading Hole – Sunday Summary

    Have you seen that commercial for Amazon Prime that talks about the show hole? It’s the feeling you get when you binge watch a series only for it to end. For those of us who are bookworms, we’re more familiar with the reading hole. A great book ends and you don’t know what to do with yourself. You can’t even think of picking up a new book, because it feels like cheating. Starting something so new so soon is inappropriate.

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    An Endless Backlog of Reviews – Sunday Summary

    It’s been one more week and surprise, surprise — I still need to write new reviews! The review backlog goes as far back as Spring 2014! Since March 2014 I have meant to review Lit by Marry Karr, which inspired a poem I posted in the “Writing” section. Although the memoir inspired me to write and it made the 20 in Your 20s challenge, I never reviewed it!

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    An Overdue Update – Sunday Summary (on a Monday)

    I apologize for the long overdue update on Sitting in the Stacks. Of course a new review would probably be preferable to a Friday Findings and Sunday Summary, but a review will hopefully be published soon. As many of your know, I am also a full-time graduate student. This commitment, along with working part-time, makes it difficult to find the energy to sit down and write reviews on a regular basis.

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    Another Week Another Summary

    Sorry this is actually a Monday Summary. I’ve been juggling a couple different assignments and fighting off the beginnings of a cold. I finished Ta-Nehisi Coates’ book and expect to write a review in the next couple of weeks. This week I’m attending a conference in Salt Lake City, so that will occupy most of my time.

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    Book Mountain WWW Wednesday 9.16.15

    It’s Wednesday again and you all know what that means — WWW Wednesday time! This week you will notice that I have added two more books to my “currently reading” section. I think this may be the most books I tried to read at one time. If I keep adding anymore I’ll be able to make a book mountain on my nightstand!