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    My Week in Books – Sunday Summary

    This week has been a lovely time for reading. Over spring break I finished The Group, which will be reviewed on Monday, and I began MWF Searching for a BFF by Rachel Bertsche. Bertsche’s book is also a part of the 20 In Your 20s reading challenge. Somewhere along the way I must have misread the description of MWF Searching for a BFF or the book’s summary was just not very clear. I had been under the impression that Bertsche’s book was a novel.

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    Working on the 20 in your 20s – Sunday Summary

    This past week I decided to make some progress on the 20 In Your 20s reading challenge. If I had begun the challenge when I was 20 it would have been far more manageable. Two books a year over 10 years is totally doable. Averaging four books over the next four years to complete the list of 20…a little more difficult.

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    Lost Books and the Art of Moving – Sunday Summary

    Many of you may not know that I tend to move frequently. Pursuing the life of an academic and, therefore, many advanced degrees, requires moving from city to city and school to school. Thankfully my next move will have me situated in one place for at least four years, since I’ll be a doctoral student!

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    Reading Hole – Sunday Summary

    Have you seen that commercial for Amazon Prime that talks about the show hole? It’s the feeling you get when you binge watch a series only for it to end. For those of us who are bookworms, we’re more familiar with the reading hole. A great book ends and you don’t know what to do with yourself. You can’t even think of picking up a new book, because it feels like cheating. Starting something so new so soon is inappropriate.

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    An Endless Backlog of Reviews – Sunday Summary

    It’s been one more week and surprise, surprise — I still need to write new reviews! The review backlog goes as far back as Spring 2014! Since March 2014 I have meant to review Lit by Marry Karr, which inspired a poem I posted in the “Writing” section. Although the memoir inspired me to write and it made the 20 in Your 20s challenge, I never reviewed it!

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    An Overdue Update – Sunday Summary (on a Monday)

    I apologize for the long overdue update on Sitting in the Stacks. Of course a new review would probably be preferable to a Friday Findings and Sunday Summary, but a review will hopefully be published soon. As many of your know, I am also a full-time graduate student. This commitment, along with working part-time, makes it difficult to find the energy to sit down and write reviews on a regular basis.

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    Book Crazy Week – Sunday Summary

    The past two weeks involved a lot of books. I went to a conference in Salt Lake City and it had a bookstore area that I found the first day. As always, it can be dangerous letting me go near books that are for sale. I went a little book crazy.

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    Another Week Another Summary

    Sorry this is actually a Monday Summary. I’ve been juggling a couple different assignments and fighting off the beginnings of a cold. I finished Ta-Nehisi Coates’ book and expect to write a review in the next couple of weeks. This week I’m attending a conference in Salt Lake City, so that will occupy most of my time.