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    Zombie Stacks, Or the Revival of an Old Friend Lazarus Style

    It’s alive!!! Sitting in the Stacks has received a much-needed makeover and is getting a second chance among the living. After two years of silence, I’m back with new book reviews, bookstores, and a whole new Musings area. For those of you who follow SitS on Twitter already know there’s a new direction for this blog. Sitting in the Stacks will incorporate more posts related to my work readings and reflective pieces on academic life. These changes don’t mean a significant shift in the layout or tone of the site. It’s the content of SitS that will shift, although it’s a slight change.

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    Want to write for Sitting in the Stacks?

    Have you dragged your friends and family into another bookstore promising them it was the last one? Do you consider your books to be your most prized possession? Are you a fan of book humor that no one else seems to get? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are clearly passionate about all things books and should consider writing for Sitting in the Stacks. Sitting in the Stacks is now accepting submissions for three categories:

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    Commenting Issue

    This is just a notice to inform everyone that the commenting issue has been resolved. Please comment away now!! I apologize for the technical difficulty you may have encountered.

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    NEWS: A Week Break

    Hey everyone! Just a heads up if you were wondering where the Writing Wednesday post was and if there will be a Friday Finding or book review this week — I’m taking the week off from Sitting in the Stacks. It’s midterm time here, so my brain has been focused on tests and papers.

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    Book Reviews Coming Soon & More

    Posting on Sitting in the Stacks has been inconsistent lately and it’s my hope to remedy that problem. We’re all busy folks, but many of you take the time to visit SitS regularly and I believe you deserve content. To help, here is a little sneak peak at what is to come in the next few weeks! This does the double duty of letting you know to check back soon and holding me responsible for what I guaranteed.

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    Sitting In The Stacks Goes Social and Returns to Books

    I’m back!! Now that summer is upon us and piles of school work are temporarily in the past, Sitting In The Stacks comes back to life. There are few newsworthy items to discuss. 1) Sitting In The Stacks is returning to focus primarily on books and writing. I feel that this will streamline the site’s content and allow me to post more regularly, as I am always reading and writing. This does not mean “Musings” has disappeared, but posts to this section will be minimal. In line with this “rebranding,” Sitting In The Stacks received a makeover.

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    Rewards of Blogging: The Liebster Award

    I’m excited to announce that Sitting in the Stacks is nominated for the Liebster Award. Technically being nominated means you have won, as there isn’t a prize besides the love of blogging. I was nominated by Heart of Sultana, a fantastic blog by a friend.  She writes about her experience of thyroid cancer, eco-friendly and ethical fashion, and books!

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    A Year In Review

    Happy New Year! Although it is almost a month into 2014, a review of 2013 cannot be overlooked. Last year was a big one for Sitting in the Stacks and for me. Sitting in the Stacks received a make-over, introducing a new blog that reflected all of my interests. Books remained a key focus of Sitting in the Stacks, but religion, current events, creative writing, and personal reflections breathed new life into the all new design.

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    From the Great Beyond of Graduate School

    While it may feel as if I am in the Great Beyond, detached from the rest of the world because of graduate school, I am still alive. In the past four weeks I have read 3 books for two different classes. These books are Symbolism of Evil by Paul Ricoeur, The Mormon Question: Polygamy and Constitutional Conflict in Nineteenth Century America by Sarah Barringer Gordon, and Poetics by Aristotle.